Seizing Europe – Europa als Herausforderung

A Franco-German Network in the Human and Social Sciences

The objective of the network ‘Saisir L’Europe’ is to rethink Europe via a multidisciplinary and international approach. It was launched at the initiative of the Humboldt University of Berlin, the Centre Marc Bloch of Berlin, the Goethe University of Frankfurt, the French institute of History in Germany, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies and Research on Germany, the German Historical Institute in Paris and the Maison des sciences de l’homme. This collaborative research project is driven by thematic, interdisciplinary and international cooperation in three domains : the social state, sustainable development and urban violence.

A number of the members of the Centre Georg Simmel are involved in this project.

Michael Werner coordinates the project from within the CIERA.

Falk Bretschneider with Daniel Schönpflug directs the research pole ’Urban Violence’

Bénédicte Zimmermann with Gabrielle Metzler (the Humboldt University of Berlin), directs the research pole ‘Social State’.

 Integral to this project, moreover, is the work of Karim Fertikh (post-doctoral researcher) and Alice Lavabre (doctoral researcher).

Link : (Website of the project)