Seminar of the center_2015, December 14th

Conducted  by  Bénédicte Zimmermann and Rainer Maria Kiesow

Every second Monday of the month, from 17 h to 19 h, (room 11, 105 bd Raspail 75006 Paris),  from the 8th of december 2014 until the 8th of june 2015.

The figure of the Third serves as a lodestar in the two great dogmatic universes of the West : religion and law. As an interdisciplinary object par excellence, its significance extends across the domains of human existence : art, literature, music, economy, the spectrum of techniques and social life. The Third embodies the human ability to transcend the binary relation between self and other ; it is also the foreigner, the State, our relation to norms and social bonds. The historian, the legal practitioner and the sociologist are all familiar with the Third, whether as a technical tool for defining the average person or as the ‘good family man’ of the civil code. Such are the multiple figures of the Third, in their historicity and contemporary reconfigurations, which we set out to analyze by envisaging it as both a resource employed by and as a pragmatic, anchoring constraint acting on the social person.

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