Research Center

The Centre Georg Simmel emerged from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Germany (Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires sur l’Allemagne, CRIA) founded in 2001 and is a research unit shared between the EHESS and CNRS. Its researchers come together from a diversity of backgrounds – history, sociology, anthropology, law, philosophy, literary studies, German studies, musicology – to address a range of questions and issues which, in fidelity to Simmel, embrace the challenge of thinking a world in transformation through its most characteristic manifestations. This task requires us to situate Franco-German research within the wider European and transnational context and to animate it through methodological and theoretical debates from within the disciplines represented at the Centre. Its work can be divided into four areas :

1. Acts of Creation

2. Work, Capabilities and Biographies

3. Fields of Normativity

4. The Theory and Practice of Historical Knowledge

The Centre George Simmel has acquired a national and international visibility in each of these domains, which are interdisciplinary by nature and mutually complementary. Three broad thematics serve to bring out their synergy and facilitate their translation into collective research dynamics : the third party perspective, the perspective of lived experience and the question of scale. Together they assemble our researchers around common modes of interrogation.