Research Center


Steering :

  • Jean LASSEGUE, directeur de recherche et directeur du centre (CNRS)
  • Julie LALLEMANT, chargée de la  communication et du pilotage administratif  (CNRS)
  • Fallou DIOP, gestionnaire financière (EHESS)

The Centre Georg Simmel emerged from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Germany (Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires sur l’Allemagne, CRIA) founded in 2001 and is a research unit shared between the EHESS and CNRS. Its researchers come together from a diversity of backgrounds – history, sociology, anthropology, law, philosophy, literary studies, German studies, ethno musicology, musicology – to address a range of questions and issues which, in fidelity to Simmel, embrace the challenge of thinking a world in transformation through its most characteristic manifestations. This task requires us to situate Franco-German research within the wider European and transnational context and to animate it through methodological and theoretical debates from within the disciplines represented at the Centre.